Johnny B makes his debut with us this week on and this 24yo Florida native comes to us from Fort Lauderdale. Johnny comes in from the beach and is all horny with visions of SoBe boys in his head. He starts to fondle his naturally smooth frame as his hands slide up under his tank top and down into his swim trunks. He’s moaning in ecstasy as his hands start to squeeze his growing cock. He drops his shorts and keeps playing with his cock that’s tenting his red boxer briefs.

He pulls up his tank top showing off the naturally smooth and subtle definition in his abs and chest. He pulls down the front of his boxers finally giving his dick some breathing room before dropping them altogether. His cock is getting the attention it’s needed. He is 3 days behind on maintenance; so we’re sure that cock is more than happy to see him. He jacks that dick as his smooth balls dangle closely below. Johnny then gets comfortable as he lies back on the futon to jerk that cock som e more. Johnny is hard as a rock as he strokes his dick with one hand and tugs on his nuts with the other. His hands roam all over his lean frame and ultimately stumble on some lube. Lube always brings fun to the party-even a party of one! Johnny lubes his cock up and starts to jack his well oiled cock. As he does he spreads his legs and shows off that furry little hole of his as he rubs his cock down over his cheeks and hole.

His fingers follow suit as he starts to finger that ass. His dick is throbbing by now probably fantasizing about Justin as his balls start to pull up tight around the base of his cock. He uses both hands to pleasure that cock and it does the trick. As he gets close to climax, Johnny stands and jacks that dick hard sending his load all over the glass table top, giving our camera a stellar view of the fireworks.